Following on from my last blog where we looked at what sustainability could look like, I thought I’d share 5 simple changes you can make to make your wedding, baby shower, anniversary or any other celebration or event more sustainable & eco friendly. 

1- Use Real Petal Confetti 

There are many small growers like me who can post anywhere but if you can find a supplier & grower near to where you live, this not only cuts down on carbon footprint, but also helps your local economy as well as wildlife. For example, a lot of the flowers I grow are bee friendly, therefore supporting wildlife & natural habitats. 

2- Use A Local Florist 

- ideally whose supplier grows their own. When searching on social media tags such as #grownnotflown will help you source these suppliers & florists. Not only are you supporting in the same ways as natural confetti, but you will have fresher flowers that haven’t been in a chiller often for months at a time waiting to be shipped out. 

3- Use Flowers & Foliage in Season 

Not only will they look stunning but will enhance your overall scheme. How you want it to look & feel, capturing the time of year perfectly. They will also be at their best thriving on all cylinders. They will also be cheaper as they’re in season too so helping to cut down on the budget. 

4 - Hire 

This can be from hiring your crockery, dress, jewellery & more. Hiring is often not as expensive as people think & you can get your own individual look. For example, hiring a vintage gown. If you’d like to incorporate the something old etc this would cover old & borrowed in one go. You also won’t be left with a dress you’ve got to find somewhere to store or maybe sell at a fraction of the price you brought it for. Vintage Crockery & props again prices vary but will be cheaper than trying to buy everything yourself let alone store it all. 

5 - Stationery 

With modern technology we can now go paperless with invites. This may not be for everyone but is an option to consider especially if budget is tight. You can design them yourself with apps like Canva making this an easier option or have someone design them for you. If you’re like me & still like to receive & send, then look for Stationers local to you. Do they use recycled card paper? Vegetable inks? If you’re a DIY bride, you can also source these to make your own. The Highstreet is another place to look. There is more choice than ever before when it comes to eco & sustainable options. Don’t forget charity shops too. You may pick up some gorgeous invites that someone didn’t need thus saving pennies, helping a charity & stopping them from just being thrown away. They may also be able to be recycled. Shops often have card recycling boxes around Christmas. 
So there you have it. 5 easy sustainable ways you can make your wedding or event more eco-friendly, support your local area & some cost savings too. 
I hope you’ve found this useful. 
Don’t forget to leave me some feedback, questions or any suggestions on something you’d like me to talk about in the comments. 
Best Wishes 
Katey x 
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